original coney sign

Our Approach

You could also call us the kings of coney. We have been doing this so long it simply comes second nature to us. We ensure a great dining experience with qualtiy food and drinks. Our approach is to ensure the customer comes first. It has been that way since we started and will be for as long as we exist.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning. Ours has a unique beginning and has grown each year with popularity. Mr.Coney opened in 1966 with coney dogs as the main entree. Our roots trace all the way back to the early 1920’s when Vasil Litchin came up with a recipe for now world renown famous Coney Dogs. Through hard work and dedication Litchin served the now famous Coney Dogs to the Fort Wayne area. As growth continued, so did success. Mister Coney is one of those successes.  Mister Coney is a Fort Wayne Favorite offering all American breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Recently remodeled in 2015, Mister Coney features a new dining room, comfortable environment and just a great place to dine on a budget.

Over the years there have been some additions to the menu that previously offered lunch and dinner but now offers  breakfast. Our breakfast is one of the best deals in town. We also have added three sandwiches, the pork tenderloin, chicken, and fish sandwich. One of the favorites to catch on over the years are the chili cheese fries, which is a plate of fries covered with cheese along with our famous chili smothered on top. When you come to Mr. Coney, you become part of the family.

Our restaurant is very family oriented and we welcome you to join us. Kids LOVE US and so do parents… it’s an economical choice for dining out with lightning fast service!